Chimpanzee males have been measured as having five times the arm strength as a human male. Even a young chimpanzee of four or five years, you could not hold it still if you wanted to. Their muscles are much stronger. And the adult males have big canine teeth. So you have a very, very dangerous creature in front of you, that is impossible to control. But he is still just a “Prisoner”…

Selected works from the collection called “Prisoners (Prison Planet)


“Prisoner II.”

“On Air”

“Seňor Smoke”


“Anonymous II”

“The White Angry Monkey”

“The Great White Angry Monkey”

“Twelfth Monkey”


“Prisoner of the Rising Sun”


One thought on “Prisoners

  1. Beautiful series. The pieces titled “Seňor Smoke” and “Anonymous” are my favorites, but I love the concept, style, and detail overall. Thanks for sharing.

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