Space-Dye Vest

Remek szám…


Space-Dye Vest is the eleventh and final song from AmericanProgressive metal band Dream Theater‘s 1994 album, Awake. The song was written entirely by keyboardistKevin Moore, and mainly consists of a dark, brooding duet between Moore playing the piano, and vocalist James LaBrie, until the rest of the band kick in for a dramatic outro, fading out until Moore ends the song with the piano passage that opened the song.

The song is notable for never being played live by the band. Kevin Moore left Dream Theater after the song was included on the album. Some members of the band have expressed that they are not willing to perform it without Moore. Jordan Rudess, however, in a recent interview stated that he wanted to play it live whenever the rest of the band were ready.

The demo of this song had Kevin on vocals

Here’s what Kevin Moore told a Japanese interviewer about the song:

“It was inspired by… I was looking through a clothing catalog and saw a picture of a girl modeling this piece of clothing called a space-dye vest. And, so, I fell in love with her [laughs] for some strange reason & so the minute I did that, the minute I was just like obsessed with this person, I was like, ‘why am I doing that?’ & I noticed that I was doing it a lot lately. And I think the prime reason that I was doing that, and this is what I figured out at the time, was that I had just come out of a relationship where I’d gotten dumped, basically, and so I think the situation was that I wasn’t finished giving all that I was ready to give, so I was just, like, throwing it around, you know, just aiming it in different directions. It was a total case of projection. And this song is just trying to sort it out & just kind of admitting that I’m just kind of lost. So it’s kind of a dark song. It was very cathartic though.”


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